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The series gets under the skin of HR to explore what’s hot, what’s working and what’s not. The conversations, hosted by HR expert Kevin Green, are with leading HR practitioners who tell their own stories; how they got into HR, their biggest success stories and where with hindsight they would do things differently. We explore culture, measurement, employee engagement, leadership & transformation and everything in between.

So much more than a technical conversation, we explore the Future of HR, what we should focus on and why, seeking practical advice for people early in their HR careers. These unique podcasts will entertain, stimulate learning and encourage new thinking - don’t miss out! Listen in, subscribe and leave us a review.

COVID19 Season 3 Episode 10: Daniel Kasmir Kevin Green, Daniel Kasmir Daniel Kasmir, CPO at TalkTalk, reflects on his career and how TalkTalk are dealing with Covid19. Leadership Season 3 Episode 9: Lisa Robbins Kevin Green, Lisa Robbins Lisa Robbins, EMEA HRD at Starbucks, is this week's guest on the HR Futures podcast with Kevin Green. Diversity / Wellbeing Season 3 Episode 8: John Amaechi Gethin Nadin, John Amaechi Gethin Nadin - Director of Employee Wellbeing at Benefex. John Amaechi - Founder and CEO at APS. leadership Season 3 Episode 7: Mira Magecha Kevin Green, Mira Magecha Mira Magecha, CPO at Just Eat is this week's guest on the HR Futures podcast with Kevin Green. learning Season 3 Bonus Episode: Andrew Perkins Kevin Green, Andrew Perkins Kevin Green sits down with Andrew Perkins, Global Director Kaplan Performance Academy. Organisational Change Season 3 Episode 5: Melanie Steel Kevin Green, Melanie Steel Kevin talks to Melanie Steel, former People Director to the Cabinet Office and RSA, now the owner of her own people change and transformation consultancy. Talent Season 3 Episode 4: Valerie Dale Kevin Green, Valerie Dale Valerie Dale, Global HR Operations Director and Kevin spend time addressing the challenges that it has brought to organisations, like the difficulties of remote working for teams strategy Season 3 Episode 3: Sarah Mason Kevin Green, Sarah Mason Sarah Mason, CPO at Foxtons on the importance on line manager coaching and measurable outcomes Organisational Change Season 3 Episode 2: Quintin Heath Kevin Green, Quintin Heath Quintin Heath, HRD AB Sugar, Talks About the Application of Change Management Transformation Season 3 Episode 1: Simon Linares Kevin Green, Simon Linares Simon Linares, ex-HRD at Direct Line Group discusses change and transformation Talent Season 2 Episode 8: Debbie Moore Kevin Green, Debbie Moore Debbie Moore, HRD GLH Hotels explains the labour market challenges at GLH Hotels and how her team are responding Data Season 2 Episode 7: Jason Fowler Kevin Green, Jason Fowler Jason Fowler, VP & HRD, Fujitsu, talks about the huge potential data has within the HR function in the decade ahead Strategy Season 2 Episode 6: Jacky Simmonds Kevin Green, Jacky Simmonds Jacky Simmonds, CPO at Veon, discusses what makes a great people strategy with Kevin Green Organisational Change Season 2 Episode 5: Angela O'Connor Kevin Green, Angela O'Connor Angela O’Connor, Founder and CEO of HR Lounge, explores the power of coaching to bring about individual and organisational change Culture Season 2 Episode 4: Karen Beaven Kevin Green, Karen Beaven Karen Beaven, an award winning HR Director talks about transformation at River Island Focus Season 2 Episode 3: Craig McCoy Kevin Green, Craig McCoy Craig McCoy explores the role that HR plays in different types of organisations Future Season 2 Episode 2: Melanie Hayes Kevin Green, Melanie Hayes Melanie Hayes, on quick wins at the Adecco Group Culture Season 2 Episode 1: Shakil Butt Shakil Butt, HR Hall of Famer on his move to HR consultancy and diversity and inclusion Shakil Butt Future Episode 8: Steve Moore Kevin Green, Steve Moore Steve Moore, VP HR at CBRE and former Group HRD at Gala Coral Group Focus Episode 7: Julie Welch Kevin Green, Julie Welch Julie Welch Chief People Officer Carey Group PLC explores what HR should focus on and why Insight Episode 6: Neil Morrison Kevin Green, Neil Morrison Neil Morrison, HRD Seven Trent PLC and author of the Change Effect blog, talks about what is great HR Transformation Episode 5: Tom Webber Kevin Green, Tom Webber Tom Webber, Bupa UK People Director explores what HR needs to do differently to have more impact Culture Episode 4: Raj Verma Kevin Green, Raj Verma Raj Verma, Global SVP HR at Sodexo talks shares insights about his career and much, much more Consultancy Episode 3: Kathryn Pritchard Kevin Green, Kathryn Pritchard Kevin Green - Host and former HR Director at Royal Mail. Kathryn Pritchard - Chief People and Strategy Officer at the Odeon Group Culture Episode 2: Sue Swanborough Kevin Green, Sue Swanborough Kevin Green - Host and former HR Director at Royal Mail. Sue Swanborough - HR Director at Whitworths Data Episode 1: Ralph Tribe Kevin Green, Ralph Tribe Kevin Green - Host and former HR Director at Royal Mail. Ralph Tribe - Chief People Officer at Ascential Season 3 Episode 11: Lesley Cotton Kevin Green, Lesley Cotton Kevin and Lesley talk about what is important in HR - "Talk the language of the business" - and how HR needs to change and add more value.