People Data: the superpower emerging from the pandemic

New research by SD Worx, in partnership with Circal, shows that having access to people-data was the second biggest challenge for HR leaders during Covid-19 (after looking after employee health and wellbeing). HR leaders reported that the frequency of requests from the c-suite for accurate people data increased dramatically throughout the pandemic. It’s also clear that HR leaders are increasingly looking to use people data to inform strategic decisions. Yet only a small amount of HR leaders said it was easy to gather the critical information that was required.
Published: October 14 2020

In this virtual event, Cathy Geerts, Global Chief HR Officer at SD Worx, Melanie Salmon, HR Ops at Molson Coors and Kevin Green, Chair of the Circal Advisory Board, will discuss the findings of SD Worx’s new research in greater depth. We’ll also explore in more detail how powerful payroll and people data is when it comes to business continuity, and how to get your hands on the data you need to make those strategic decisions for your business.

What you’ll learn from the session:
• How accurate people data helped to drive decision-making during lockdown, and whilst emerging the other side
• How payroll is the gateway to rich employee data that drives strategic change across the business
• How optimising your payroll can help you to make significant cost savings across your company’s highest expenditure
• Why payroll is the secret weapon for HR leaders!

We will present findings from the Covid data-agility research, and then show how this can be achieved with a best-in-class case study from our special guest speaker, Melanie Salmon, HR Operations Consultant for Molson Coors. Melanie has lead HR and Payroll operations for the multi-national brewing company for the last four years. In this informal interview, she will share the unique challenges that Molson Coors faced throughout Covid-19 and how their people systems helped them stay operationally resilient in times of uncertainty.



When:    October 14th, 2020 11:00 BST, 12:00 CET

Topic:  People Data