Introducing the Circal Ecosystem
The pandemic reaffirms the urgent need for more dynamic talent and work models. HR leaders must now focus on the identity, agility, and scalability of their people and organisations to ‘Reshape for the Future’.

Unfortunately, the pandemic hasn’t afforded HR leaders, or any of us for that matter, that luxury. It instantly created both profound and immediate changes to how societies, organisations and individuals interact and work. We have all witnessed an at-scale shift to remote work, the dynamic reallocation of resources, and the acceleration of digitization and automation to meet changing individual and organizational needs.

Organisations and HR teams have by large met the challenges of this crisis, with assurance and the ‘stock’ of the HR Profession has certainly risen. However, as we move toward imagining a post-pandemic era, if there is such a thing, what does the future of work and HR mean?

Where and how will we continue to work? What is the office now for? Management systems based on old rules and a hierarchy that solves for uniformity, bureaucracy, and control will no longer be effective. Taking its place should be a model that is more flexible and responsive, built around four interrelated trends: more connection, unprecedented automation, lower transaction costs, and demographic shifts.

To now usher organisations into the future of working, CHROs, Chief People Officers and HR leaders should do nothing less than reimagine the basic tenets of their organisation. New and emerging models must now be more creative, adaptable, and antifragile. Corporate purpose can fuel bold business moves. Talent must be a top priority for a host of reasons. Should hierarchies become networks of teams? Can competitors become ecosystem collaborators? And we know that our employees want organisations to become more human: inspiring, collaborative, and bent on creating an employee experience that is meaningful and enjoyable.

This inspired us to develop a new and unique approach that will better support your organisation through this change. While we don’t claim to have all the answers, we believe development by collaboration is the best, most effective, and probably the most exciting way to find new solutions to the new challenges that organisations and the HR profession faces now and in the future.

The Circal Ecosystem embraces a hybrid method of working, it blends instant access to the most relevant research and data for you through our digital platform. You will get the opportunity to connect with your peers in your industry, from a wide variety of multinational companies and organisations.

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