Practical, executable advice and strategies from people that have the T-shirt. 

Our events are always centered around HRDs that have practical advice and tried and tested strategies. Through a mixture of thought-leadership and case studies, Circal will help you with your transformation projects. 

August 21 2020
HR goes Agile webinar

How do we use agile to make HR more responsive and involving. Some HR leaders have sought to use agile as a proven methodology to help them design new people processes and policies. Others have gone further and sought to create a complete new way of working with their people and managers.

Join us the next Circal webinar at 11:45am on Friday 21st August 2020. Hosted by chair of our advisory board Kevin Green our guests include Author, consultant and thought provoker Perry Times and Global HRD at Collinson Group, Bertie Tonks 

November 17 2020
The Big Reset: Working Futures 2020

Covid-19 has fast-forwarded change that was already taking place. The world was speeding up before the pandemic - but this is a seminal point in humanity's, societies' and work’s future.

The debate about the future of work had been raging for years but now it is upon us. Do we rise up and grasp this once in a career opportunity or do we just revert to normality?

July 13 2020
How Covid is Elevating the Role of HR

In the latest in our series of webinars, we look at how Covid is elevating the role of HRDs. The key enablers of success through this period are the systems and data an organisation uses.

Join Kevin Green Chair of Advisory Board at Circal, and author of Competitive People Strategy and Cathy Geerts, CHRO at SD Worx UK&I for a live webinar on 13th July at 12pm where they will offer their guidance on business resilience and sources of data to help you navigate the disruption.

June 11 2020
Talent in a Post Covid19 World

In the last decade the quest for talent and the ability to retain it has been a top corporate goal. How will this change in a post Covid19 world? This webinar will explore that question.

Chaired by Kevin Green, author of Competitive People Strategy with panelists; Simon Conington, CEO of BPS World & Sector Chairman at The Recruitment and Employment Confederation and Melanie Hayes, HRD The Adecco Group

May 29 2020
Employee Wellbeing in the context of Covid-19

Whether it is anxiety about returning to work, continued isolation in remote working, juggling multiple priorities or financial concerns, there are a lot of pressures that will impact your employee's wellbeing right now. Circal are bringing together experts and practitioners to help you develop the right strategies for your workforce. 

Hear from:

Kevin Green, author of Competitive People Strategy

Gethin Nadin, author of A World of Good

Jason Fowler, VP, HRD Europe Fujitsu

May 19 2020
The Importance of Talent Branding
41 Portland Place, London, W1B 1QH

Chaired by Kevin Green former HRD Royal Mail and author of Competitive People Strategy

Find out how talent branding can attract more candidates, increase quality and raise engagement levels. Hear from the experts about the intersection of HR and Marketing. 

Delegate price: £695 +VAT

September 01 2020
People Strategy with Kevin Green
41 Portland Place, London, W1B 1QH

Chaired by Kevin Green former HRD Royal Mail and author of Competitive People Strategy

We will explore what makes great people strategy and hear why it is vital that HR departments embrace data, measure outcomes and ready themselves for the future. 

Delegate price: £795 +VAT

December 11 2019
Redefining Performance Management
41 Portland Place, London, W1B 1QH

Facilitated by Andre Norman, Director, EMEA Employee Resource Center Adobe


Delegate price: £695 +VAT

November 13 2019
Working Futures
The Grange Hotel, St Pauls, London

Facilitated by Expedite Business Development Consulting


Delegate price: £1,000 +VAT

October 16 2019
Talent Management
41 Portland Place, London, W1B 1QH

Facilitated by Kevin Green, Former HRD, Royal Mail


Delegate price: £695 +VAT

September 10 2019
Busting The Culture Myth: Transforming Culture & Mindset in 90 Days!
41 Portland Place, London, W1B 1QH

Facilitated by Sue Swanborough, HRD, Whitworths


Delegate price: £695 +VAT

July 16 2019
Design Thinking and The Employee Experience
41 Portland Place, London, W1B 1QH

Facilitated by Gethin Nadin, EVP, Employee Wellbeing


Delegate price: £695 +VAT

June 11 2020
ECA – Executive Collaboration and Agility event
41 Portland Place, London, W1B 1QH

Facilitated by

May 14 2019
Developing World Class Leadership at scale
41 Portland Place, London, W1B 1QH

Facilitated by Yohan Bibay, People2Solutions & Vincent Vuillard, Former
Director Strategic Capabilities & Org Health, Fontera


Delegate price: £695 +VAT

April 23 2019
HR Transformation
41 Portland Place, London, W1B 1QH

Facilitated by Kevin Green former HRD Royal Mail and Quintin Heath, HRD, British Sugar


Delegate price: £695 +VAT

September 25 2020
HR Reinvented

Now is the time for HR to reinvent itself. We have proven the difference we can make to business success. We must take advantage of this, it is a once in a lifetime opportunity to reposition the profession.

Hear from:

Kevin Green, author of Competitive People Strategy

Emma Leonis, HR Transformation Executive Director, LACE Partners

Ralph Tribe, Ex HRD, Ascential and Sky

Julie Welch, CPO, Carey Group plc



October 14 2020
People Data: the superpower emerging from the pandemic

New research by SD Worx, in partnership with Circal, shows that having access to people-data was the second biggest challenge for HR leaders during Covid-19 (after looking after employee health and wellbeing).

HR leaders reported that the frequency of requests from the c-suite for accurate people data increased dramatically throughout the pandemic. It’s also clear that HR leaders are increasingly looking to use people data to inform strategic decisions. Yet only a small amount of HR leaders said it was easy to gather the critical information that was required.

In this virtual event, Cathy Geerts, Global Chief HR Officer at SD Worx, Melanie Salmon, HR Ops at Molson Coors and Kevin Green, Chair of the Circal Advisory Board, will discuss the findings of SD Worx’s new research in greater depth. We’ll also explore in more detail how powerful payroll and people data is when it comes to business continuity, and how to get your hands on the data you need to make those strategic decisions for your business.

What you’ll learn from the session:
• How accurate people data helped to drive decision-making during lockdown, and whilst emerging the other side
• How payroll is the gateway to rich employee data that drives strategic change across the business
• How optimising your payroll can help you to make significant cost savings across your company’s highest expenditure
• Why payroll is the secret weapon for HR leaders!

We will present findings from the Covid data-agility research, and then show how this can be achieved with a best-in-class case study from our special guest speaker, Melanie Salmon, HR Operations Consultant for Molson Coors. Melanie has lead HR and Payroll operations for the multi-national brewing company for the last four years. In this informal interview, she will share the unique challenges that Molson Coors faced throughout Covid-19 and how their people systems helped them stay operationally resilient in times of uncertainty.

October 20 2020
Will learning be your strategic enabler? Reigniting your people and your business into the new commercial landscape.

We’re beginning to emerge into a very different commercial world. While learning continues to be about developing new skills and improved performance in the workplace, learning design and delivery now needs to be more agile, more personalized, and more relevant to help our people adapt and move into the new commercial landscape.

Corporate learning should support and deliver on the revised strategic direction of the enterprise, the tactical needs of the business unit, and the resulting developmental needs of the individual employee, where damaged confidence and trust need to be restored as a priority.

In this live debate we explore different functions of corporate learning:

• As a vehicle to bring about cultural assimilation: how we do things around here.
• As a channel to communicate the organization’s priorities and ethos: who we are and what we stand for.
• As an employee brand experience: influencing the feelings an employee has about the organization.
• As a tool to encourage higher self-esteem, recognition, and value: staff engagement and retention.
• As a means of realigning behind a common goal: unifying and reigniting the business in times of deep uncertainty.

Speakers -
Kevin Green, author of Competitive People Strategy
Daniel Haden, Global Director, Sales Training and Enablement, American Express
Andrew Perkins, Global Director, Kaplan Performance Academy
Dr Andrew Temte, President and Global Head of Corporate Learning, Kaplan North America