Introducing the

Circal Ecosystem

It’s time to reshape our thinking and reshape our profession

Do you want to create a workplace that better serves our people, our customers, our communities and the environment?

Do you want to crowd-source fresh thinking and steer your organisation in a new or better direction?

The Circal Ecosystem

2020 provided an exciting opportunity to step back, reflect and identify how we can move forward. It also inspired us to identify and develop a more collaborative approach to finding new solutions.

We don’t claim to have all the answers. But we’ve created what we believe is the best, most effective, and probably the most exciting way to reshape the future of our profession for the better.

The Circal Ecosystem is designed to help you and your team turn your strategic challenges into an actionable plan that will transform your organisation.

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Before you decide to join, we’d like you to experience one of the most important and integral elements of the Circal Ecosystem at Reshaping for the Future. This is an opportunity for you to find out if our new approach feels right for you and your team.


Connect with peers

who are focusing on the same strategic challenges

Create an actionable plan

for your team and organisation, with the help and support of experienced industry directors

Gain cutting edge knowledge

and insights from world-class case study roundtables

Contribute your ideas

to reshape the future of HR

Connect with peers in your profession, from a wide variety of multinational companies and organisations

What your peers are saying…

“Circal is invaluable in allowing us at Herbalife to gain insights from peers and get different perspectives from other businesses with the same challenges!”

Everton Harris, CHRO, Herbalife Global

“The calibre & breadth of the members is really First Class!

It’s always inspiring to see what’s possible through Circal, particularly, what level of investment do we need to leverage now and work out what the sweet spot is for us in terms of investment vs return."

Fiona Mellor, HR Director, Supply Chain, Twinnings Ovaltine – ABF

“What I really enjoy about Circal, is that you get so many different dimensions and angles on the whole HR remit. Loads of variations, the roundtables are REALLY worthwhile! Not only do you get great insights, but also to collaborate with peers around the table.”

Dean Giles, Head of Learning & Development, ASOS

"My experience of attending the Circal events is always excellent, with great speakers, roundtable sessions and strategic partners, giving me lots of ideas to take back to the business and new opportunities to explore.

I rarely go to such events, but we always make time in the calendar for Circal!”

Ian Diment, AF Blakemore, Group HR & Strategy Director
Keynote Speaker

Meet Kevin Green the Chairman of our Advisory Board

Kevin has 37 years of business and HR experience and is a distinguished thought leader in the HR community. Kevin is a TEDx speaker, commentator and blogger on jobs, people-led business transformation, leadership and competing with culture. Amongst his many accolades, Kevin is bestselling author of ‘Competitive People Strategy’ which is short listed in the 2020 business book awards.

Keynote Speaker

Award-winning author Lynda Gratton to speak at Reshaping for the Future

How can humans continue to progress and thrive in a changing world? Award-winning author Lynda Gratton will discuss her post-pandemic road map at Reshaping for the Future. Professor of Management Practice at the London Business School, and founder of the advisory practice HSM, Gratton’s books have sold over a million copies and have been translated into more than 20 languages.

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